Dark Matters      

4 channel digital video and sound      2016          6 minutes  color

Nature Study is a video of young men of color in nature, parks and lakes. The powerless of that population doesn’t have access to effective advocates, The national discussion around race and public spaces informs this work. Young men of color are absent from a society that has been set up to trap them, and harshly punish them for small offenses. The video highlights the subjects being in a kind of Simulacra nature, framed and organized as landscape, where their bodies are seen as foreign and dangerous.

Sound is piped in from a recording mike located near the Columbia River close to the Columbia River Correctional Facility. The length of the video, 6 minutes,  will loop for 90 minutes; the time it takes to walk from the correctional facility to the Disjecta Contemporary Art Center.

screening: Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, Portland, OR    December 11 through December 20, 2015