Boite-en-Valise: Generator by Yvonne Buchanan

Six artists and three curators from England and the USA discuss Boîte-en-Valise:Generator, a project launching at the Venice Biennale.

Six established, mid-career and emerging artists from England and USA - in collaboration with three curators and audiences in Portsmouth, England - are developing new work for transport and presentation in Venice, Italy and Syracuse, USA. Audiences in Portsmouth will have an authorship in international presentations shared by social media.

The artists are Yvonne Buchanan (USA), Mia Delve (UK), Tom Hall (UK/USA), Mika Mollenkopf (USA), Harold Offeh (UK), Susan Stockwell (UK).

The curators are Joanne Bushnll (UK) Mark Segal (UK), and Stephanie James (USA).

Time: 10 - 11 May, 10am - 8pm at Corte Borella, off Calle de le Erbe, Canaregio 6415. 

New Work on View: Preview Week at 57th Venice Biennale & Portsmouth England

Boîte-en-Valise: Exchanges Through Performativity and Practice

6 & 7 May 2017 16.00h-18.00h Artists Event
Aspex Gallery
The Vulcan Building
Gunwharf Quays
Portsmouth PO1 38F

10 -11 May 2017 10am-8pm
57th Venice Biennale
Rio Terra San Vio
Dorsoduro 453

Point of Contact Gallery
350 West Fayette Street
Syracuse, Ny 13202


Vanish at Rochester Contemporary by Yvonne Buchanan

Vanish features the work of five contemporary artists who examine literal and metaphoric loss and disappearance. Their artistic practices employ diverse media to reflect the anxieties of living in a rapidly changing world. The exhibition provides a complex and engaging context for considering our history, our current environment and our collective future. Vanish includes new and recent work by Yvonne Buchanan (Syracuse, NY) Brandon Ballengee (Lafayette, LA), Peter Edlund (New York, NY), Aaron Miller (New York, NY), Dorene Quinn (Syracuse, NY).

October 7 - November 13
Opening Reception: October 7, 6-9pm
Artists’ Talk: October 8, 1pm

Elemental by Yvonne Buchanan

Elemental: The 64th Exhibition of Central New York Artists

On View February 27 through May 2

UTICA, NY… Elemental: The 64th Exhibition of Central New York Artists at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute showcases eight regional artists whose work is of or about earth, fire, water, and air—forces of nature that shape matter and spirit. Within these guiding parameters the exhibition presents diversity of form, media, and meaning. Included are works on paper, photographs, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, installations, and video. The artists may use natural phenomena allegorically; they may offer cautionary warnings about ecological devastation; or examine humankind’s interface with nature, in concept or in practice.

Elemental honors two PrattMWP artist-faculty, Lisa Gregg Wightman and Bryan McGrath, as they near retirement. Lisa's collages incorporate found materials such as stone and invite meditation towards a transcendent experience. Bryan is a ceramist whose material is earth itself, touched by water and forged by fire. Elemental presents their work within the context of Central New York peers, with whom they have contributed to the artistic community of this region. The other participating artists are Richard Barlow, Oneonta; Yvonne Buchanan, Syracuse; Chris Irick, Utica; Rob Licht, Brooktondale; Dorene Quinn, Syracuse; and Leigh Yardley, Hubbardsville.

Elemental Exhibition at Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute by Yvonne Buchanan

Elemental showcases the work of eight Central New York artists whose expression is of or about earth, fire, water, and air, forces of nature that forge spirit and matter. Within these guiding parameters the exhibition includes diversity of form (from the material to conceptual) and meaning (from celebratory to cautionary).

artists: Richard Barlow, Yvonne Buchanan, Chris Irick, Rob Licht, Bryan McGarth, Dorne Quinn, Lisa Gregg Wightman, Leigh Yardley