Seen and Heard - Everson Museum of ARt

June 10 – August 27, 2017

Seen and Heard: An Active Commemoration of Women’s Suffrage,  Curator; DJ Hellerman

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the passage of women’s suffrage in New York State, Seen and Heard explores the use of the arts as a catalyst for social change and features the work of nine contemporary artists as well as several works from the Everson’s collection.

Artists include:

Mildred Beltré, Yvonne Buchanan, CassilsLionel CruetStella MarrsJessica PosnerJessica Putnam-PhillipsKevin SnipesHolly Zausner

Polaris (the NOrth Star)

An installation for Harriet Tubman  2017
Ceramic head, wooden ladder, digital video, wood bench ( from City Woods Mill)

Project Statement:

Polaris ( The North Star)  is an installation of a re-imagined life of Harriet Tubman, who parted ways with the suffragette movement when it narrowed its focus to equality only for white women, and dropped issues of race and class. Using archival footage of early suffragette marches and a collection of Blaxploitation films of the 1970’s the video is a wandering, and a victory. A sentinel, a massive ceramic head atop a thin ladder, adorned with “satellites” as crown, a futurist head dream, as representation of the celestial, presides over all.