The Ghost, The Animal    Digital Video 2012    Color/sound    6 minutes

This piece borrows the characters of Bronte’s Jane Eyre, utilizing images informed by Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea and explores a measure of “acceptable” womanhood.


Twinkle      Digital Video    2012    Color/sound     4.9 minutes

Lincoln Perry, the African American actor better known as "Stepin Fetchit" made a fortune playing a common stereotype of black males of the 1930's. The video makes a simple statement about his family's well being, and seeks understanding and forgiveness for the choices made under duress. While acting to perpetuate damaging perceptions of the African American Community, Perry's participation created opportunities for his family to prosper.

screening: TONY: The Other New York, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse NY


Progression     2009      Single channel video w/sound    9 minutes        

The work concerns color, light and motion, with a submerged narrative about Mark Rothko.

screenings: 62nd Central New York Exhibition, Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute, Utica NY


Territories    2008    Single channel video w/sound   5 minutes    sound by Ben Emil Johnston

This piece concerns the act of looking, and being observed, using crows in their environment as a metaphor for ideas about privacy and surveillance in contemporary life.  Crows have historically been a symbol of black people in Southern US culture.

screenings: TONY Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse NY


Practice       2009        Single channel video w/sound       5 minutes    

With apologizes to Booker T. Washington, this work explores African-American striving within a culture that does not value them.

screenings: TONY: The Other New York, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse NY/ Currents New Media, Santa Fe, NM


Slippage    2008       Single channel video w/sound        5 minutes     

The footage for this work captures an inner cityspace, typical of the post industrial landscape, in a drive through the streets of Syracuse, New York. The work is spliced and recombined to become a collage-like moving painting.

screenings: TONY : The Other New York, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse NY

color field still 02.jpg

Color Field #12    2008    Single channel video / no audio     5.5 minutes   

The work offers the disruption of children's chaotic play against a background reminiscent of formal modernist painting. issues of control, order, and rebellion are suggested.

screenings: Lowe Art Gallery, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


Blink   2007    digital video, wood box     6 minute continuous loop    color/no audio

The work self-consciously juxtaposes identity with sight and tricks of perception. An underlying theme is the invisibility of older women and the challenge of viewing them without the orthodoxy of the male gaze.

screenings: Lowe Art Gallery, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


without permission   2007   Single channel video w/sound    color    7 minutes   

The work is both triumphant and sad, as issues of black female bodies in performance for others and overcoming and experiencing joy in mastery is displayed.

screenings: Lowe Art Gallery, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


Rapture    2006     Single channel video w/sound         9 minutes    

Siblings speculate about where their mother is that has died several years ago. The afterlife is hoped for with some, the lost is felt by all.

screenings: Lowe Art Gallery, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


listening   2005    Single channel video w/sound   5 minutes   

Contrasting the everydayness of an ordinary kitchen scene with subtle supernatural moments the piece is about absence, grief and longing. The video suggests a bridge across the rupture separating the living and the dead. An empty kitchen, signifying loss, reveals desires for an after-death existence and connection.

screenings: Slamdance International Film Festival, Park City UT / New York City NY

{Beauty Box}   2005    set of 36 pairs of photos

Women in American society have been coerced to become, not themselves, but a "presentation" altered to conform to this narrow ideal of beauty. This imposition leaves women feeling they always have to be enhanced. The self is no longer the focus, the viewer is. The important is not "being", but of "being seen".  Seeing a Merle Norman cosmetics ad as a child I remember liking all the unique, quirky, diverse group of individuals in the before photos and being frightened by the uniformity of the women in the after photos. My belief is that every woman is beautiful; because of her spirit, her intelligence, her thoughtfulness, her strength, her singularity.

Beauty is not skin deep and it doesn't need lipstick.

exhibition:  Exploring Beauty Symposium, Shaffer Art Building, Syracuse University

Define 2.png

Define: Manhood      2005    Documentary    14 minutes

to define "manhood". A question asked of 40 men. The answers are as diverse as the men who are questioned. The subjects span a wide spectrum of race, age, class, educational levels, regions and sexual orientation. The answers are unrehearsed and issues of culture and personal expectations are revealed through personal stories. Men who have very concrete definitions of manhood are juxtaposed to those who are unsure and questioning and are unwilling to claim the word.  As a secondary layer of the film, what does it mean that the filmmaker, a lesbian perceived as such by some of the participants, is asking this question? Do they react to this. Are their questions altered by this fact? Another question is how she react to this maleness, and this self-assessment that she has decided to investigate? Though the act of video taping this exchange we come to see that roles may not be as clear cut as they appear.

screenings: Anthology Film Archives, New York NY,  

Bridge    2005    Single channel video w/sound    6 minutes   

Using the visual language of abstract painting “Bridge” takes the viewer through a timeless multi-directional experience, a moving forward and backwards simultaneously, using a bridge as a metaphor for life, time and belief.

screenings: Squeaky Wheel Media Center, Buffalo NY,   PixelPOP, Newark NJ and Brooklyn  NY

adrift    2003    Single channel video w/sound    2 minutes    

Through imagery of branches and quiet narration the film offers insight into a bond between a dying mother and a fearful daughter.

screenings: Roxbury International Film Festival, Roxbury, MA